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The Robert I. Schattner Foundation is a private charitable foundation established in 1992 by Dr. Robert I. Schattner. Dr. Schattner invented Chloraseptic, the well-known product used to relieve minor sore throat and mouth pain. A number of years later, Dr. Schattner invented another line of products known as Sporicidin. These products work for remediation, as a disinfectant, and as a mold removal product. The success of these products provided him with the means to fund this foundation and for it to be able to accomplish its charitable purposes.

Penn Building

Over the years, in addition to funding many small local charities, Dr. Schattner made substantial grants to the University of Pennsylvania Dental School ($20 million) and Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital ($10 million).

The assets of the Robert I. Schattner Foundation grew considerably following his death in 2017. The responsibility and honor for carrying on the mission of his foundation now rests in the hands of three trustees, each of whom knew Dr. Schattner personally for many years.

The overriding goal of the foundation is simple and straight forward – “to make grants where they will do the most good and where our gifts will make a real difference.”

We hope you will continue to explore our website to learn more about Dr. Schattner’s life and legacy, organizations we have supported, and our featured grants.

Dr Schattner
Dr. Robert I. Schattner